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Our Main Product is Small Size LDPE Tubing, most often used for popice (popularly known as pepsicola in India) packaging. We are the Experts in this field for over 35 years. Our strength lies in the Small Size Tubing, which is manufactured by only a few in the country. This needs a high amount of effort and Good Quality control to ensure that the product is up to the international standards. Our products are currently being sold across the country and internationally with great success. Our triumph lies in the repeat orders that our customers place with us. This itself is a testimonial of our quality product.

Salient Features:

1) Our Finished Product is weighted in on an Electronic Balance, to ensure that when the Label reads 1 Kg it is exactly 1000 grams.

2) Our Product is always packed in an unbroken strip, which allows maximum usage of the product and ensures Zero wastage.

3) Our Products are made from the best raw materials to ensure its quality.

4) We plan our resources to ensure that all our schedules are meet.

Given Below are some of our Product Images:


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