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Anant Shridhar is a well known name in providing solution for simplifying the task against corrosion of materials. It has always believed that when a manufacturer takes efforts to make a good quality product, the product should stay in that condition till it reaches the end user, within the country or abroad. Hence a young technocrat having masters in chemistry who is in the plastic industry last 20 years developed a product with a special technique. Today this unique product is widely known to its customers as RUSTOPLAST. It offers you a good option of effective one-step corrosion protection for all your metals. Anant Shridhar is well equipped with modern technology and hence believes in giving world class product to its customers. Rather than using the conventional technique, Anant Shridhar uses a technique in which the chemicals used in the making of Rustoplast are not decomposed thus maintaining the quality of the product.

A. What is Rustoplast?
B. Advantages of Rustoplast
C. Rustoplast
Photos and Quality Recognition
D. Applications of Rustoplast
E. Why Only Rustoplast?

A. What is Rustoplast?                                               back to top

Rustoplast is a special type of indigenously developed plastic packaging, based on the concept of VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor). The corrosion inhibitor is blended with the traditional plastic bag / film / sheet. This gives protection to objects as small as needles to any shape and size.

Once your product is enclosed in Rustoplast, vapours are emitted which condense on all metal surfaces in the enclosed package. VCI reaches to even the smallest corner of the exposed metal, protecting its exterior as well as interior surfaces. It creates an atmosphere around the metal object packed and restrains the atmospheric contacts, in ambient condition as well as in moist conditions.           


B. Advantages of Rustoplast                                    back to top

Following is the comparative study of oil and paper with Rustoplast.






Not suitable for rubber or other non metallic parts

Not suitable for huge objects

Suitable for any type of objects.


Both application and removal is messy and cumbersome. Possibility of manual error.



Stretch ability

Non stretchable

Non stretchable

Highly stretchable


Not suitable for tiny objects

Not suitable for very large objects

Suitable for all sizes.

Humid conditions


Not advisable

Highly Effective

Additional packing



Not required



Non hazardous

Non hazardous


May leave some aroma

No aroma

No aroma while packing or unpacking



Non toxic

Non toxic


Major cost is involved in application and removing


Economical, Cost Effective

C. Quality Recognition                                              back to top

Rustoplast is recognized by “Indian Institute of Packaging”

In today's business world, getting the products quickly and at low prices is a necessity. Rustoplast works more efficiently than any other product to provide you, with the best against corrosion of materials. Anant Shridhar strives to provide you with products which exceed your expectations and that is why our outstanding quality at an affordable price has made us the first choice when it comes to protection of materials against corrosion.

D. Applications of Rustoplast                                   back to top

Rustoplast can be beneficially employed to store and protect any object having metal surface.

•  Automobile parts •  Measuring devices
•  Engine parts •  Needles
•  Engineering goods •  Nails, screws, pins, scissors, scalpels, blades
•  Tools •  Machined forgings, castings etc.

E. Why Only Rustoplast?                                           
back to top

* Using Rustoplast can save your time in greasing, wrapping, dipping as in conventional oil and desiccants and paper packing. Rustoplast eliminates all the mess in degreasing or coating removal activity.

* No additional facility / infrastructure for packaging. Rustoplast packing is very fast, reducing labour cost. Indirectly, it saves on procurement and storage cost of messy anti rust material.

* No training required , no supervision required. Packing may be mechanized to some extent.

* Protects under all climatic conditions in hot, humid and polluted environments without damaging the electrical, chemical or mechanical properties of the objects packed.

* Can be used with jute, corrugated boxes etc without any aroma while packing or unpacking.

* Non toxic, safe for handling and airtight packing is not required.


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