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Anant Shridhar, the manufacturer of Rustoplast, also understands the smallest needs of its customers. Thus it manufactures the most reliable and cost effective products in

  • Small Size LDPE Tubings,
  • LDPE Bags,
  • LDPE Shrink bags,
  • Small Size Bottom Sealed LDPE Shrink Bags,
  • LDPE Recycled Garbage Bags,
  • Carry Bags,
  • Small Size LDPE Tubings for eye dropper (approved by BARC)
  • Regular extruded lay flat Tubing of Different Sizes.
  • LDPE Lamination film for polyester and BOPP pouches

Anant Shridhar is a bulk manufacturer of LDPE bags used in Pickle industry, Ketchup industry and Beverage industry. These LDPE bags have excellent barrier strength with good heat sealability. These bags are more durable as well as clearer as compared to other brands. The visibility of the product is crystal clear with Anant Shridhar LDPE Bags.

LDPE Shrink Bags

The salient feature of Anant Shridhar LDPE Shrink Bags is that this product is bottom sealed. When the shrinkage is transverse, as observed with other Shrink bags in the market, there is a risk of the bag rupturing from the side, thereby causing damage or breakage to the product. But with the bottom sealed LDPE shrink bags offered by Anant Shridhar, the shrinkage is even, thus preventing any rupturing as compared to other products. Its LDPE Shrink bags have excellent shrinkage property. Our vast clientele in tile industry and bottling industry has only increased with the changing times.

Small Size Bottom Sealed LDPE Shrink Bags

The most important aspect of Anant Shridhar products is its expertise in Small Size Bottom Sealed LDPE Shrink Bags. It is a bulk manufacturer for many of its customers in small size bottom sealed LDPE shrink bags, which is a rare commodity in the packaging industry. These bags are used to hold items of a set together. This works out to be a cheaper option as compared to paper boxes.

Small Packing For FFS

Form, Fill and Seal Technology, automatically forms the bag, fills it with the liquid, seals and separates the finished product. It is suitable for all low density liquids like juice, oil, milk, mineral water and other free flowing liquids. We specialize in small pouch sizes ranging from 25mm to 100mm in width. The pouch length can be as small as 20mm. The film is of 50 to 70 micron thickness. Food grade LDPE is used. With this technique packaging can be done under hygienic conditions and will require minimal labour. Semi-Liquid products like Ketchup, Lime Paste (Choona), Tamrind Sauce (Imli Chutney), and sauces can be packed by FFS.

We undertake turnkey projects in which we will setup whole packaging for you. We will get the machinery & also supply you with the Raw Material & the necessary procedures.



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