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Corrosion is deterioration of essential properties in a material due to reactions with its environment. It is the loss of an electron of metals reacting with water or oxygen. This is commonly known as rust. This type of damage usually affects metallic materials, and typically produces oxide(s) and/or salt(s) of the original metal. Corrosion also includes the dissolution of ceramic materials and can refer to discoloration and weakening of polymers by the sun's ultraviolet light.

Most structural alloys corrode merely from exposure to moisture in the air, but the process can be strongly affected by exposure to certain substances. Corrosion can be concentrated locally to form a pit or crack, or it can extend across a wide area to produce general deterioration.

What are YOU doing to control YOUR corrosion problems?? Are you using 1940's technology or today's technology? Or worse yet, nothing at all...? Is corrosion eating away your bottom line, as well as your products?? By implementing a total corrosion control plan you can reduce rejects, returns and failures; while increasing productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability.


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